3.8.1Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS)

The Management System is one of the key enablers for the Company to perform its business activities in a consistent, reliable and sustainable manner, meeting client expectations, adapting to new challenges and continuously improving ways of working.

The Management System of SBM Offshore is called the Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS) and is based on several international standards and other good practices. GEMS is the core of a broader ecosystem, including software solutions (e.g. LUCY, SBM Offshore’s Human Capital Management System) and other elements such as SharePoint microsites and Group Technical Standards (GTS) as introduced in section 3.8.2. The Group’s Vision, Values (section 1.3.1) and Policies are embedded in GEMS to support the correct governance of SBM Offshore’s organization and business activities. These form the foundation processes that are consistently applied throughout all offices and fleet operations (in-country offices and vessels).

To align GEMS with the new ways of working brought by the ERP project 'Integra', a new version of GEMS, ’GEMS Sapphire’, came into operation in 2022. GEMS Sapphire is structured around three main process domains: executive processes, core processes and support processes. The core processes have been modelled to show where the company generates value from its activities. GEMS Sapphire is represented as shown in the illustration. GEMS Sapphire gives clear and formal ownership of end-to-end processes and clear identification of key controls. It provides a cohesive framework for quality and regulatory compliance, health and safety, security of personnel and assets, protection of the environment, as well as risk and opportunity management throughout the product lifecycle, ensuring the Company’s sustainability. GEMS can be accessed in its entirety via the Company's intranet which ensures easy access to all employees.