2.1.2Employee Health, Safety and Security

Management Approach

Due to the nature of its business, SBM Offshore is committed to safeguarding the health, safety and security of its employees, subcontractors and assets, as well as minimizing the impact of SBM Offshore’s activities on local ecosystems and proactively protecting the environment. To manage, prevent and mitigate potential negative health and safety impacts, SBM Offshore applies controls and safeguards based on a lifecycle hazard management process and an integrated management system, the Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS). In line with SBM Offshore’s HSSE Human Rights and Process Safety Policy statement endorsed by the Management Board, SBM Offshore defines its HSSE requirements relative to its hazard exposure in compliance with applicable legal requirements and ISO standards, as well as international oil and gas practices.

SBM Offshore is continuing the journey towards 'Target Excellence', with the objectives of No Harm, No Defects, No Leaks. For the No Harm goal, SBM Offshore expects employees and contractors to intervene on unsafe acts, unsafe conditions and non-compliance with the Life Saving Rules, stop the work if they feel anything is unsafe and report any interventions and incidents.

2022 Performance

SBM Offshore assesses company HSSE performance through a set of indicators. The following table provides the targets set for 2022 and the performance achieved:





Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR)



Section 5.3

Significant Injuries and Fatalities (SIF)1



Section 5.3

Tier 1 + Tier 2 PSE

< or equal to 3


Section 5.3

Occupational Illness Frequency Rate (OIFR)3



Section 5.3

Security incidents




  • 1 Replacing the High-consequence work-related Injury Frequency Rate from 2022 onwards
  • 2 E.g.related to marine systems releases with no impact to people
  • 3 For employees

Construction incident

In August, a section of the quayside alongside the FPSO Prosperity in a Singaporean yard gave way as a result of which a contractor was fatally injured. SBM Offshore regrets this tragic incident. An Incident Investigation was performed, raising corrective and preventive actions to avoid similar events in the future.

SBM Offshore continued to expand HSSE initiatives in 2022, including:

  • Started rolling out the Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF) Prevention program and its related initiatives.
  • Continued rolling out the Hazards and Effects Management Process (HEMP) in operation and execution scopes. The HEMP is the name of SBM Offshore’s approach to manage the risk of Major Accident Hazards (MAHs) and their associated potential Major Accident Events (MAEs) associated with the operations of the fleet. The HEMP runs throughout the life cycle of an asset.
  • Continued the roll out of the Incident Management/Corrective Action Preventive Action (IM/CAPA) module in the new ERP system to upgrade the existing system.
  • Increased health and well-being awareness and health programs, including on preventable diseases.
  • Maintained security controls on SBM Offshore’s activities.
  • Organized the company-wide Life Day.
  • Maintained compliance with certification requirements on shore bases and offshore units.
  • The MedFit Program, kicked off end of 2022, is a medical examination administered by SBM Offshore in partnership with International SOS.

In the journey to Target Excellence, SBM Offshore has engaged with workers and representatives to improve HSSE standards and ways of working – through Inherent Safety Design, a solid Permit to Work system and the Safety Leadership program across SBM Offshore.  

The following graph shows that SBM Offshore’s Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate has remained below the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers’ (IOGP) average since 20181.


SBM Offshore has defined the following 2023 targets:

  • To achieve a TRIFR better than 0.14.
  • To have no more than 3 Tier 1 PSE with more than 3 severity weight points as per API 754.

SBM Offshore has planned the following key initiatives for 2023:

  • Progress in Occupational Safety with the SIF Prevention program and its related initiatives.
  • Drive improvements on Process Safety tools, procedures and practices, moving towards the consolidation of HEMP in operation and execution scopes.
  • Maintain security controls on SBM Offshore’s activities.
  • Continue increasing health and well-being awareness and related programs, with a special focus on mental health.
  • Maintain compliance with certification requirements on shore bases and offshore units.
  • Organize the company-wide Life Day.