1.4.1Risk Appetite

The Risk Appetite Statement 2022 sets the guidance and boundaries for the activities conducted by SBM Offshore in pursuit of its strategic objectives. The Management Board reviews the Risk Appetite Statement annually to ensure that SBM Offshore maintains the balance between risk and opportunity. The measurement of the underlying metrics is done every quarter and presented to the Audit Committee.

The significant parts of SBM Offshore’s Risk Appetite Statement, and their mapping against Material Topics, are displayed below.

Material Topic


Activities guided by Risk Appetite, i.e. activities …

Ethics and Compliance

Zero tolerance

non-compliant with the Code of Conduct and related laws and regulations

Zero tolerance

sanctioned, and/or with companies whose decision makers do not share the same compliance principles

Employee Health, Safety and Security

No appetite

causing harm to people, damage to assets or the environment

Human Rights

No appetite

non-compliant with SBM Offshore’s human rights standards

Operational Excellence and Quality

No appetite

extending the life of a unit beyond its design life if it does not meet SBM Offshore’s health, occupational and/or process safety management standards

Limited appetite

with suppliers which do not align with SBM Offshore’s strategic goals

Retaining and developing employees

Limited appetite

impacting the retention, development and health of SBM Offshore’s employees

Economic Performance

Limited appetite

resulting in balance sheet risk as a result of commercial opportunities for which the bankability cannot be reasonably confirmed

Limited appetite

severely impacting profitability of SBM Offshore


Limited appetite

deviating from the path to achieve SBM Offshore’s net-zero target by 2050


No appetite

exposing SBM Offshore to cybersecurity risks


Limited appetite

exposing SBM Offshore to damage due to application of unproven technologies

Energy Transition

Limited appetite

exposing SBM Offshore to unproven commercial models

Market Positioning

No appetite

resulting in M&A activities with high process safety risks and/or higher emissions

Explanation of Guidance

Activities for which there is zero tolerance

Activities with risks for which SBM Offshore has no appetite

Activities with risks with a limited appetite

Refusal to accept any activity breaching this risk appetite

Risks within activities to be avoided with appropriate actions

Risks within activities to be mitigated and monitored