The Company financial statements are part of the 2022 financial statements of SBM Offshore N.V. Reference is made to section 4.2.6 General Information for additional details on the Company.

SBM Offshore N.V. costs mainly comprise of management activities and cost of the headquarters office at Schiphol of which part is recharged to Group companies.

Principles for the Measurement of Assets and Liabilities and the Determination of the Result

The stand-alone financial statements were prepared in accordance with the statutory provisions of Part 9, Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code and the firm pronouncements in the Dutch Accounting Standards, as published by the Dutch Accounting Standards Board ('Raad voor de Jaarverslaggeving’). SBM Offshore N.V. uses the option provided in section 2:362 (8) of the Dutch Civil Code in that the principles for the recognition and measurement of assets and liabilities and determination of result (hereinafter referred to as principles for recognition and measurement) of the separate financial statements of SBM Offshore N.V. are the same as those applied for the consolidated financial statements. These principles also include the classification and presentation of financial instruments, being equity instruments or financial liabilities. The consolidated financial statements are prepared according to the standards set by the International Accounting Standards Board and adopted by the European Union (referred to as EU-IFRS). Reference is made to the notes to the consolidated financial statements (‘4.2.7 Accounting Principles’) for a description of these principles.

Investments in group companies, over which control is exercised, are stated on the basis of the net asset value.

Results on transactions, involving the transfer of assets and liabilities between SBM Offshore N.V. and its participating interests or between participating interests themselves, are not incorporated insofar as they are deemed to be unrealized.