Excellence Function

The scope of SBM Offshore’s Operational Excellence Function is to drive higher performance, through regulatory compliance, knowledge management, quality assurance and continuous improvement. Operational Excellence includes themes such as 'Operational Governance' (3.8), 'Target Excellence' focusing on ’No Harm, No Defects, No Leaks’, and 'Assurance and Controls' building on international standards. This creates an environment to share SBM Offshore’s experiences by leveraging collective knowledge, improving organizational learning and fostering collaboration.

SBM Offshore is committed to full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. SBM Offshore delivers products and services meeting regulatory requirements and applicable specifications and requirements imposed by relevant stakeholders, by:

  • Promoting a quality and compliance culture.
  • Maintaining SBM Offshore’s certification to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.
  • Providing systematic identification of applicable regulatory requirements and ensuring their implementation.
  • Achievement and maintenance of conformity, compliance and acceptance of SBM Offshore’s products and services.
  • Supporting continuous improvement of business processes and ways of working.

Through this, SBM Offshore mitigates risks related to project execution, process safety, human capital, changes in laws and regulations and operational risks such as loss of integrity of aging assets, loss of certificate of class and disruption to the supply chain.

During 2022, all SBM Offshore offshore facilities were accepted by all relevant authorities and regulators, with all related permits, licenses, authorizations, notifications and certificates duly granted and maintained. Two exceptional events experienced in 2022 involved temporary license suspensions and in both cases were addressed and the licenses fully reinstated. Offshore facilities have also remained in Class at all times, as required from both statutory and insurance perspectives. One significant operational fine was paid in 2022.

Furthermore, SBM Offshore actively promoted ’Target Excellence’ through diverse initiatives and deployed Lessons Learned Initiatives to improve SBM Offshore’s projects and operations. SBM Offshore is proud of:

  • Maintenance of SBM Offshore’s ISO 9001:2015 certification, including scope extension to the Region 1 Operations activity.
  • SBM Offshore’s GEMS Sapphire as described in section 3.8.1.
  • Deployment of a digital version of technical standards (GTS).
  • Effective use of independent third parties for inspection, verification and assurance services related to Execute and Operate activities.
  • Strengthening the Knowledge Management Program with a catalogue of services improving knowledge sharing and collaboration.

In 2023, SBM Offshore will build on this and put focus on leadership engagement, further improvement of leading indicator management and evolution of its enterprise management system (GEMS), including assurance and certifications.