Ownership Shares

Ownership Shares is an annual award in shares to compensate the overall STI target reduction of 3-6% of annualized gross salary under the Company’s 2019 STI plan awarded to employees based on seniority. The Ownership Shares have no performance conditions, only a service condition. The Ownership Shares are subject to a three-year holding requirement after the grant date. This means that a fixed population of onshore employees, based on seniority in the Company, are eligible to the Ownership Shares equal to 4-8% of annualized gross salary.

The total number of Ownership Shares that vested during 2022 was 96,333 shares (2021: 90,189). The fair value of the Ownership Shares is measured at the opening share price of January 3, 2022.



Ownership Shares grant date fair value per share

€ 13.15

€ 14.21