Restricted Share Unit (RSU) Plans

The number of shares granted under the RSU plan in 2022 was 803,320 (2021: 754,450), with the three-year employment period starting on January 1, 2022 (2021: January 1, 2021).

The annual RSU award is based on individual performance. The RSU plans themselves have no performance condition, only a service condition, and will vest at the end of three years' continuing service. The fair value is determined based on the share price at the grant dates, with an adjustment for the present value of the expected dividends during the vesting period.



RSU grant date fair value per share

€ 11.44

€ 11.89

For RSUs, a vesting probability (based on expectations on, for example, the number of employees leaving the Company before the vesting date of their respective RSU plan) of 5% is assumed. The Company periodically reviews this estimate and aligns to the actual forfeitures.